Microcenters was established in 1984 with a simple plan: Treat your customer well and they will treat you well. They proceeded to do just that and grew to have a massive following of home and small business owners who placed their trust in them and their technicians for all their computer needs.

Although we lost Microcenters’ founder a couple of years ago, his philosophy lives on today in it’s new location in Woodstock and with it’s new owner, who began her own computer shop in 2003 with the same philosophy.

Our goal and mission statement is:

"To assist individuals and businesses in discovering ways computers can enhance their lives, and then help to implement those solutions. We believe that computers are a tool and when used as such can be a great asset to everyone.

Microcenters is proud of its high quality service and product offering and we constantly seek ways to provide you the expertise and information you need to help you make the important decisions about your technology assets in a non-intimidating, friendly way.